Girlfriends by Karen Danage

Karen Danage's new book, Girlfriend's, contains 100 heartfelt quotations and conversations on twenty topics that will resonate with all women, mothers and daughters. Her thoughtful remarks on Adversity, Encouragement, Faith, Girlfriends, God’s Love, Life, Love, Self-Worth, Success, Tenacity and Gratitude inspire and encourage. Girlfriend's makes a lovely gift to someone you love or as a gift to yourself! Read it today.

At the Printer!

We are not selling the book directly ourselves, but you do now have two other ways to buy my book, Girlfriends.

You can purchase it HERE from CreateSpace, the publishing arm of Amazon

or from Amazon itself.

The price is only $14.95.

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Despite the Holes in Your Wings
One Hundred Inspirational Quotes To Inspire You
To Keep Flying
Karen Danage

Girlfriend ’s
We are the color of midnight, brown, yellow, white, and
caramel. Our faces don’t have the scars life left during the
battles; we have endured. We are all on a journey, trying to
reach our destinations. Look into the sky, and you will see
millions of butterflies flying with such grace and dignity.
Some are missing a wing; some have had to replace their
wings; some have patched up their wings; and many have
holes in their wings. If you look closely, you will see some
carrying others on their backs because they are girlfriends.
Let’s not take for granted our girlfriends, but instead, let’s
encourage them, respect them, protect them, uphold them,
and most importantly, help them fly.
From my heart to yours—keep flying.


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