There Is A Queen Inside of You

I believe every woman has a Queen inside of her. It is important that we understand our power and potential. In addition, some of our Crowns might be missing diamonds and some might need repairs. However, do not allow your failures, and setbacks to define you based on being knocked off of your thorn by life’s storms. Get back up and take your place in life. You are still worthy and valuable. You are still a Queen that is beautiful, brilliant, and are destined to do great things!

We are caregivers, entrepreneurs, nurses, ministers, teachers, doctors, sisters, mothers, wives, politicians, and first ladies. We are Queens.

By: Karen Danage
All rights reserved by the author, K. Danage
Copyright 2021


When the people in our lives begin to cause pain we need to consider cutting them off like bunions on our feet.

During our lifetime we will meet hundreds of people, however, I have learned that often times those relationships can change from pleasant to uncomfortable. Learning how to let go of soured relationships is not easy. However, changing our perspective regarding relationships I believe can make a difference.

As I began to reflect on the relationships in my life I realized most are temporary not permanent. In addition, they have an expiration date. This concept helped me understand that holding on to relationships that have fulfilled their purpose can cause pain. I have learned to let go.




Life’s sledgehammer can shatter our life into pieces. As a result, we can find ourselves broken physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When we use our brokenness as wood to fuel the fires of our hopes and dreams, we become unstoppable. We develop a strength that is obtained only when we have been shattered by life, but we make the choice not to be defined by the circumstances that shattered us. We may be broken individuals, but our dreams, abilities, and future are not broken. Do not allow your brokenness to define you or determine your destiny.

























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