I am excited to share these inspirational messages in print, in my book Girlfriend’s and my new book, Destiny. I believe my books will provoke you to ask such question as, “Have I taken ownership of my life, am I walking in my destiny, am I flapping my wings or flying?”

Each book contains one hundred of my original inspirational quotations and insights. They are witty, inspiring, funny and I believe will motivate you to think about your life and hopefully prompt you to live the life that you are destined to live.

Book Excerpts

God’s love is as sweet as apple pie, but without the calories. Have another serving; it won’t increase your waistline.

God’s love is as sweet as your most favorite dessert, but it’s calorie-free. Sometimes we will require his love to get us through those difficult situations when our backs are against the wall. He made promises to love each of us no matter what. That is a powerful commitment. Have a serving today.

Never rely on others to conduct an appraisal of your self-worth.

Think of yourself as a treasure box filled with precious jewels. The jewels represent your abilities and talents, and they are sometimes not visible to others. When we rely on others to determine our value, we risk being devalued.

Why do you keep borrowing your girlfriend’s shoes? There is a custom pair made for you to walk into your destiny.

Can you imagine wearing hiking boots when you should be wearing tennis shoes? Your girlfriend’s journey is not yours. Make sure you are wearing your own shoes. Return the borrowed shoes and start wearing your own so you can fulfill your unique purpose.